HS Kings Dominion Trip

Kings Dominion 8/3

Just like last year, we are planning a trip down to Kings Dominion. We will be going Monday, August 3rd, from 9am-10pm. We will meet and be picked up from the Church. Ticket costs are $33 a person if we have at least 15 people. So please, bring your friends. invite them along for the fun that awaits!

 Students will be asked to please bring $30 for meals in the park. Also, if you are planning on hanging out in the water park portion, please bring a bathing suit, (No two piece suits or speedos please) It would also probably be a good idea to bring some sort of bag to store things like water bottles inside. Throughout the day, we will have one leader stationed at the center of the park to be available to the students who are roaming around the park.


 High school students are allowed to go in groups if they have phones that they can use to contact leaders in order to arrange meeting times/in case of emergency while in the park.
In the past we have had a lot of fun at Kings Dominion, and we are hoping to have a lot of fun again this year. In order to do that though, we need your help. We need help in the form of Leaders/Drivers! We also need you to sign up ASAP so that we can get the numbers we need for the tickets. Please sign up at:http://www.ashburnpresbyterian.org/events/sign-up-for-youth-events. Any further questions please see Justin. 



Bible Study (Gospel of Mark)


The Beacon High School group will be having a weekly Bible Study on Tuesday nights from 7-8 pm. We are currently reading through the Gospel of Mark. All are welcome to join in. 
Please see Justin for more details. 

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