Celebration Preschool Special Days

Fall Celebration – Children will prepare special foods and be engaged in special activities during the month of October. We end the month with a fall party which is always a lot of fun!

Thanksgiving - Children will participate in a Thanksgiving Feast by preparing special treats and making costumes.

Christmas – Classroom parties, trimming trees, special songs and the Christmas story will all be a part of how we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Valentine’s Day – The children will exchange Valentines and a classroom party with special treats will help us celebrate this special day.

Special Person Night
– The fours/fives are invited to bring a special person to preschool with them from 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM.

Art Show – The fours/fives participate in an Art Show where they display their own rendering of famous artists and illustrators.

Mother’s Day Teas – Children celebrate their Moms with a wonderful tea in their honor.

International Dinner – Children and their families are invited to a pot luck dinner celebrating our different cultures.

Fire Fighters Visit – Fire Fighters from local Company 6 visit with the children during the month of October.

Field Trips – Our fours/fives visit fun places like Temple Hall Farm, Dominoes, Ashburn Library and Giant just to name a few.

Birthdays – At Celebration we will celebrate your child’s birthday. If your child has a summer birthday your child’s teacher will give you a date for a birthday celebration. Parents are invited to bring in a special treat and participate in the birthday celebration.

End of Year Celebration – A final celebration will take place the last week of school.